Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Like A Rose.

Once merely a seed,
We were something unthought of, uncreated;
yet often contemplated.
Just like a rose;
Planted with care, we wait to grow.
Neither of us know our potential,
Like water to a seed, its you I need: you're essential.
Staring into your eyes, I find my heart fertilized in the soil of your existence;
Infatuated by gentle strokes and tender kisses.
You swept me off my feet, planted deep in my garden,
my feelings harden.
Just like a rose,
we continue to grow;
As we emerge from the ground,
all the more weak I become to your touch, your smell, your sound.
We were radiant in color,
Our bond envied by others.
It was our prime season,
our beauty needed no reason.
Nights of crying, cuz our garden was tainted with weeds and dandelions.
Gripping with my life, my heart began to bleed.
Perhaps I was holding on too tight, Intrigued by your innermost perplexities.
Just like a rose,
I was pricked by the thorns of your past.
With reluctance I masked my desires of wanting this flower to last.
Slowly becoming drained of life and love; it withers to shrub.
The petals fall like the tears on my pillow;
Once a rose, now a weeping willow.
Like a broken heart, fragile and frail;
I keep its remains, every stem has a joyous story to tell.
Never regretting letting you plant your seed in my soul,
But love comes and goes........just like a rose.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friends: Trust or Lust.

Now, I know everybody has what they like to call "friends". But personally I believe that the title "a friend" has more categories underneath it.
So, here is my friend classification list:
-Best Friends: This usually consists of people who you've known for years, probably childhood. Most of the time you all act like siblings rather than just simply friends.
-Close Friends: These are the people who you are close with but you don't necessarily want to give up your life for them.
-Friends with Benefits: I really dont think that needs explanation lol.
-Associates: Typically the people who you see from time to time, exchange greetings, a joke or two and so forth, but nine times outta ten you probably dont even know something as simple as what their favorite color is.
NOW THE BIG ONE..."A Friend": Personally, I feel as though "a friend" is a person who you might actually have a friendship with, BUT either you wonder from time to time what it would be like if you were with them or debate whether your crushin on them most likely you are gonna refer to this person as "a friend."
Lemme clarify what I mean when I say a friend. If you two plan on attending something as simple as the movies, alone yet friendly, and your girlfriend or boyfriend calls you to ask you what your doing tonight and you say, "Hanging out with a friend" rather than "Yeah me && my son bout to hit up the movies or sumthin, tryna come?" then most likely you are subconciously crushing on them. You may beg to differ but like I said earlier, this is my own PERSONAL opinion.
But what defines a good friendship from an innocent crush? In some instances its a very fine line that distinguishes the two. Which brings me to Trust or Lust. Do you ACTUALLY trust this person with your innermost thoughts && personal well-being or do you believe that sharing these intimate details will increase the chances of actual intimacy? I've been at a mental war with myself for the past few months, battling whether I am TOO comfortable with a person I consider "a friend" to the point that mind my begins to unconciously wonder about not so "friendlike" things. Or perhaps its just human nature? Perhaps its natural for human beings to relate the two intimacies together. Do you risk the already established friendship to act out on alternative feelings for clarification between the two, or do you simply contain your inimate thoughts about the person in hopes that all will pass over and things will continue as normal? As if making friends and keeping them isnt complicated enough already, an internal conflict of trust and lust can begin to take a major toll on you. Undoubtedly, my questions will never have a valid answer, BUT it wouldnt help to let me know what YOU think.