Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five in Morning.

One night I was definitely bored && decided to write this. Just read and enjoy.

Five in the Morning...Lonely..Feel Like Its Been A Year.Wanting...Waiting...Wishing you were here.
As I lay, I yearn for you body--Envisioning you on top of me.
With your mouth, its me you slowly undress.
Skin on Skin. Face to Face. Breast to Breast.
I close my eyes as our lips touch....Overwhelming feelings of ecstacy and passion become too much.
Whispering, "Baby stop teasin me. Hurry up and Please me"
I shiver as your finger tips graze my lips, my hips, right down to my ----.
As you caress my inner thighs, slip dem fingers inside.
Anticipating your next move, drippin wet, look me in my eyes.
Our senses are erected, feels like our souls are connected.
Watch me Wind.
We Slow Grind.
U seeking to find what entices me most.
Addicted to the way your tongue massages and strokes.
Addicted to this captivating urge, I want you face emerged--
Inbetween me, on the verge of a climax.
Shaking and pulsating, every sensation reminds me how much I [LOVE] our sex.
Reminds me of how much I need to keep her.
Wanting you as close as possible, thas why I scream "Deeper, baby DEEPER."
The obsession in your eyes tells me you want me just as much as I want you.
Lose control, tell me what you want me to do.
Dont be shy, speak up--
I like the way u beat it up--
Baby lay down, its MY turn, let me eat it up.
Im fluent in your body language, position changes
lemme hear you scream.
lemme hear you moan.
damn i hate when you leave me all alone.

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