Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Is For My Girlfriend, Hope She likes It lol

An age old tale of old fashioned love with a twist.
Who'd ever expect the school girl crush to blossom into this?
Within you I exist, with every breath and with every kiss;
There is always reassurance of euphoria and bliss,
I submit, every inch of my soul and spirit to you.
Risking everything I have because I know its true.
An infatuation once deemed so silly and insignificant,
Amounted to a devastating love; in the form of YOU an angel was sent.
We had no intent of falling this deep.
Once swimming in shallow waters of adolescent ways,
Hesitant to take this leap,
Now drowning in a sea of thoughts of praise.
Thanking God you were sent to me, because I knew I wasn't deserving of you.
Believing we were meant to be, considering myself BLESSED; not one of the lucky few.
What should I do, with this wonderfully crafted woman that stands before me?
Designed in every shape and form; true love's epitome.
Your body I will please, your secrets I will keep.
Your heart I will protect, always providing security.
When those tend to bring you down,
I'm never too far behind you standing proud.
Proud of you.
Proud of me.
Proud of everything we went through, to get to this point, we have succeeded.
At a glance I see my world within your eyes, Full of promise and old scars that have healed.
I lose myself in this tale that I fantasize, until I stop to realize its real.

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